Meet the Staff

danDr. Dan Boardsen, CEO

(573) 289-0702

Dr. Dan has been a licensed Optometrist in private practice for over 25 years here in Missouri.

His practice focuses on family optometry including contact lenses, specialty eye wear, as well as LASIK correction. He also has a knack in curing headaches for his patients. Not being very tech savvy, Dr. Dan has no idea how or why his wife Denna, Photoshop’d this picture of his world class trout to make it appear smaller than hers.

Dan’s brother, Brad was the founder of EyeLenses Inc. He served the Biking community from 2001 until passing away in 2009.

DennaDenna Boardsen, President

(573) 289-0702

Denna and Dr. Dan were married on 1-1-11. Denna oversees all operations of Biker’s Rx.

Her education is in the field of Business Administration and her professional background includes Insurance Sales and Management, Political Fund-raising & Advertising. Denna’s vision is to provide impeccable customer service while offering the newest technology available at a reasonable cost.

She enjoys meeting all the interesting people at the rallies, spending time with her groom, and their maltipoo; Miss Chievous.

Denna also has (obviously) superior fishing skills but is not proficient in Photoshop.

laurieLaurie McAllister, Consumer Relations Manager

(573) 442-1022

Laurie is a former registered nurse,caterer,business owner, and now a sometimes empty-nester. Married for almost 28 years, she and her husband, John, are raising their beloved Shih Tzu, Boomer, and renovating the house their kids tore up! Call Laurie with any questions regarding existing orders.


Any Questions? :)

Any Questions? 🙂