About Biker’s RX

We are the leader in custom prescription riding glasses. Catch us at a motorcycle rally, shop online, or contact us via phone: 573.289.0702 or email: drdan@bikersrx.com. It only takes a few minutes to determine the best frames and lenses for you.

We can put your Single Vision, Bifocal or Progressive Lens in your existing frames, or you can select from any of our frames. We offer several options including Clear, Tinted, Polarized, Transitions®, Transitions® XTRActive™, Vantage™, and Drivewear™ lenses. We also offer Coatings such as Crizal®, Optifog, Mirror and Anti-reflective. We use Polycarbonate, ANSI Certified Z87 Frames and Lenses; your safety is our main concern.

Our frames have a tight seal around your eyes to keep out the wind. You can select frames with or without a removable facial cavity, which gives you an even tighter seal. The cavities have top down ventilation, which keeps your eyes cool and helps keep the lenses fog free. If you are not familiar with our frames, we have a “try before you buy” program, where we send you frames to try on before you make your final decision.

Please visit our Online Store where we have a variety of styles and options from which to choose.  To place your order please call 573.289.0702.


.Brad Boardsen (1964-2009)
Founder of Eye Lenses, Inc

2009 saw the sudden passing away of my brother; Brad Boardsen. To say this was a shock to our family is an understatement. Brad was a very active kind of a guy with a real zest for life. Brad suffered a stroke while hunting in his favorite hunting camp in South Dakota. The fact that his life ended so early and abruptly is a shock even today. Brad left behind two daughters; Sydney and Aleigha.

Regarding Eye Lenses, Inc.

After my brother’s passing, my sister and I attempted to keep Eye Lenses in operation. Brad had just finished the Daytona Rally and other shows were already planned. However, after accessing the financial status and lack of organization of the company, we had no choice but to shut down Eye Lenses, Inc.

Under Biker’s Rx

The goal of Biker’s Rx is to take Brad’s idea, which was Eye Lenses, Inc, and create a new entity serving the wonderful niche Brad had identified & serviced for 9 years.

We have evolved over the past few years since Brad’s passing. We have taken the mobile lab off the road, allowing us to offer the latest technology at very competitive prices. We still travel to many rallies, and offer generous loyalty discounts to repeat customers.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have expressed their condolences over the past few years. Brad obviously had a big impact on a lot of people during his lifetime. He is missed and I consider it a tribute and a duty to continue to serve his customers as life moves on.






Dr. Dan Boardsen, CEO

(573) 289-0702

Dr. Dan has been a licensed Optometrist in private practice for over 25 years here in Missouri.  His practice focuses on family optometry including contact lenses, specialty eye wear, as well as LASIK correction. He also has a knack in curing headaches for his patients Dan’s brother, Brad was the founder of EyeLenses Inc. He served the Biking community from 2001 until passing away in 2009.