Medical Protective Glasses – PPE

Medical Protective Glasses

Originally designed for people with dry eyes, many physicians feel that the non-permeable silicone gaskets are excellent against coronavirus because it seals around the eyes much better than face shields and masks. With proper fitting, it is a preferred personal protective equipment to reduce possibility of air pathogens. Available with or without prescription lenses.

Clear or transition lenses (best for hospital use) tinted or polarized (best for outdoor use) we are ready to customize these and get them to you ASAP! We have reduced the prices on these PPE products as our way of doing our part during this crisis. The Marina & Kai will fit most, but if you are typically hard to fit, look to the Verona and Seacrest. The option to try the frames before buying them is available for best fit, and will only delay production by 3-4 days.

Please call 573-289-0702 for help with ordering and/or volume pricing.

Stay Safe and Protected.   Dr. Dan and Denna Boardsen

PPE Eyewear for Healthcare Workers